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Take on Truck Trials: The Monster Truck Mountain trials


Ever feel like crushing cars and pulling off epic stunts in a massive monster truck? Well now you can, without leaving your living room. The new Monster Truck Arcade game lets you get behind the wheel of powerful trucks to compete in intense off-road events and obstacle courses. Forget the rules of the road – in this game, the more destruction the better!

You’ll start by customizing your own monster truck, picking from options like giant tires, roll cages, and engine upgrades to build the ultimate off-road beast. Then it’s time to hit the mud, dirt and ramps across three gameplay modes: Freestyle, where you have one minute to pull off the most insane tricks and combos; Drag Race, where you blaze down a quarter mile track as fast as possible; and the challenging Truck Trials event, with massive jumps, narrow beams and other obstacles to overcome on a off-road course.

With realistic physics, destructible environments, online leaderboards and nonstop action, Monster Truck Arcade delivers a wild thrill ride you have to experience to believe. The ground shakes, the crowd goes wild – now it’s your turn to take on the trials in this monster of an arcade game!

What Is Truck Trials? the Monster Truck Arcade Game

So what exactly is Truck Trials, the monster truck arcade game? If you love watching huge trucks crush cars and race over crazy obstacles, this game is for you.

Truck Trials lets you get behind the wheel of a giant monster truck to compete in challenging courses. You can choose from 10 massive trucks, like the Mangler, Crusher, or Annihilator. Once you pick your beast of a vehicle, it’s time to hit the tracks.

  • Race over huge jumps, crushing cars and climbing massive dirt mounds along the way. Each track has bigger and badder obstacles to overcome. Complete 3 laps around the course in the fastest time to win.
  • Earn upgrades like better shocks, tires, and transmissions to improve your truck’s performance. The better your upgrades, the faster you’ll rip through the courses.
  • Compete against other monster truck fanatics from around the world. Try to beat their best lap times and climb the leaderboards. Nothing feels better than demolishing the competition!

Truck Trials brings the thrill of monster truck rallies right to your fingertips. If you’re ready for an adrenaline-pumping good time, grab some friends and start your engines. This over-the-top arcade experience will have you hooked and hollering for more. Now get out there and show those courses who’s boss!

Choosing Your Monster Truck: So Many Options!

When you first fire up Take on Truck Trials, you’ll be blown away by the options for monster trucks. With over 50 officially licensed trucks to choose from, you’ll have a hard time picking just one!

  • Want to crush cars in style? Select a legendary truck like Grave Digger, Max-D or El Toro Loco. These fan favorites have been dominating arenas for decades.
  • Looking for the latest and greatest? Check out Wonder Woman, Megalodon or Zombie. These trucks feature cutting-edge designs and technology to annihilate anything in their path.
  • Have a need for speed? Trucks like Son-Uva Digger, Barbarian and Overkill Evolution specialize in breakneck speeds and high-flying stunts. Hold on tight!
  • Want to represent your home team? Several trucks like Snake Bite, Carolina Crusher and Black Stallion are decked out in colors to show pride for their state.

With so many options to pick from, you may have trouble settling on just one truck. Luckily, as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new trucks and be able to take them for a spin. You can also visit the custom shop to personalize your truck’s look by changing parts like tires, engines or even adding a custom paint job.

The variety of monster trucks is truly mind-blowing. No matter what kind of massive machine you want to maneuver, Take on Truck Trials has you covered. Now start your engine and let the truck-crushing begin!

Mastering the Controls: How to Drive Like a Pro

Accelerate and Brake

To get moving, press down on the accelerator, or “gas” pedal. The longer you hold it, the faster your truck will go. To slow down or stop, take your foot off the gas and press the brake pedal. Go easy on the brakes, especially when turning – slamming them can cause you to skid out of control!


To get big air and impress the crowd, head for the ramps and obstacles on the course. As you approach a ramp, slam the gas to build up speed. Just before the ramp, brake firmly then let off quickly. This will tilt your truck up and launch you into the air. In the air, crank the steering wheel left and right to spin your truck for bonus points. Be ready to hit the brakes as soon as you land to avoid crashing!

Advanced Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re ready to try more advanced moves. The “power slide” involves cranking the wheel and slamming the gas mid-turn to skid sideways through a turn. The “two-wheeling” stunt has you balancing on just your left or right tires. To get airborne, head for large jumps and obstacles. While flying through the air, quickly turn the steering wheel left and right to get your truck spinning for a “barrel roll”. These radical tricks will rack up massive points but require serious skills and timing. Practice makes perfect!

With some practice, you’ll be leaping, spinning and power sliding like a pro monster truck driver in no time. Now start your engine and show that course who’s boss!

Completing Levels and new tracks

Leveling Up

As you complete tracks in Take on Truck Trials, you’ll gain experience points to level up your truck. Each new level unlocks additional customization options to improve your truck’s performance. You’ll get access to better engines, stronger axles, all-terrain tires, and performance boosters.

Upgrade your truck’s components to handle rougher terrain and gain more speed. The higher your level, the more you can customize to dominate the courses.

New Tracks

Reaching certain level milestones will also unlock new tracks to conquer. The tracks get progressively more difficult, with steeper inclines, tighter turns, and more obstacles. The Arctic, Desert, and Mountain environments provide unique challenges to master.

Completing Objectives

Each track also has objectives to complete, like finishing under a time limit, collecting all coins or tokens, or finding hidden items. Completing all objectives for a track earns you a gold medal and bonus prizes. Try to get gold medals on every track to unlock the most exclusive customization gear and open up secret bonus tracks.

The key to leveling up quickly and unlocking new content is to:

  • Complete all objectives and get gold medals on tracks
  • Upgrade your truck’s components as often as possible
  • Play regularly to gain more experience points
  • Take advantage of 2x XP events and other promotions
  • Connect with friends to compare scores and share tips

With dedication and the right strategy, you’ll gain levels rapidly and open up new tracks and customization options. Before you know it, you’ll be dominating the most extreme truck trials and competing to top the leaderboards! Take your truck to the next level and see what it can really do. The open road is calling – are you ready to take on the challenge?


So there you have it, everything you need to know to become an expert monster truck driver, at least in the virtual world. Now it’s time to head to your local arcade or hop online and start practicing. Show off your new skills and see if you’ve got what it takes to conquer those huge obstacles and tricky tracks. Maybe you’ll even set a new course record. And if you get good enough, who knows – you might just find yourself competing in a real monster truck rally someday. But for now, just start by revving up that massive engine, feeling the roar of the crowd, and tackling the wildest truck trials course you can find. Game on!

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