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Get Sloppy With Drunken Slap Wars


Hey there, party people! Looking to liven up your weekend with some drunken revelry and silly competition? Have I got the perfect game for you. Drunken Slap Wars is the latest stickman sensation that’s sweeping the internet, with over 10 million slap-happy players duking it out online. The rules are simple: get sloppy, throw some slaps, try not to get slapped into oblivion.

How to Play Drunken Slap Wars

So you want to join in on the drunken shenanigans, do ya? Well, here’s how you play Drunken Slap Wars.

To start, choose between one or two players. If it’s just you, pick a CPU opponent. Then select your character – you’ve got everyone from pirates to hippies to choose from. Once you’ve made your pick, the trash talking begins!

In each round, a bar will appear and start sliding left to right. When the bar hits the green area, slap your opponent by clicking! The closer to the middle you stop the bar, the more damage your slap will do. But be quick – the bar speeds up with each round!

Land enough solid slaps and you’ll knock your opponent out cold! But watch out, they’ll fight back too. Use your mouse or keyboard arrows to dodge their attacks. If their slap connects, your power bar will decrease. Run out of power before knocking them out and you’re the one taking a nap!

The fight gets more challenging the further you progress. Opponents start blocking more and anticipating your moves. But there are power-ups you can grab to turn the tables, like double damage or electrified hands!

Go head to head with a friend or random foes from around the world. Prove your slapping skills and become the ultimate drunken slap champion! This quirky stickman brawler is all about reaction, timing and a whole lot of luck. Let the drunken slap wars begin!

Tips and Tricks for Winning at Drunken Slap Wars

To dominate at Drunken Slap Wars, you’ll need to master some techniques. Here are a few tips to slap your way to victory:

Focus on timing and precision. The key is stopping the power bar in the green zone for maximum slap impact. Start by practicing the timing of the bar in the practice mode. Once you’ve got it down, you’ll be slapping opponents silly in no time.

Use defensive tactics. Dodge your opponent’s slaps by moving side to side. Time it right to avoid getting hit, then counterattack with a well-placed slap of your own. Defending and dodging is just as important as offense in this game.

Vary your slaps. Don’t just stick to slapping your opponent’s face over and over. Mix up slaps to the face, gut, and groin to keep them guessing. A swift groin slap is a sure way to stun them and gain the upper hand.

Save your special moves. Unleash a barrage of super-powered slaps by activating the special meter once it’s charged up. These slaps pack an extra punch and are harder for your opponents to dodge. Use them wisely for maximum impact.

With practice, patience, and the right technique, you’ll be a pro at Drunken Slap Wars in no time. Take down those slap-happy opponents and reign supreme! Remember, the key is perfect timing, a combination of offense and defense, varying your slaps, and knowing when to unleash your special moves. Now go forth and slap some sense into the competition!

The Best Drunken Slap Wars Strategies

To become a drunken slap wars champion, you’ll need to employ some crafty strategies. The key is staying on your toes and reacting quickly.

Aim for the green

The green zone is your sweet spot. Strive to stop the power bar in the green area for maximum damage. Hits in the green zone will dizzy your opponent and slow them down, giving you an advantage. Repeated green zone slaps are the key to victory.

Defend yourself

  • Keep an eye on your opponent’s slap power bar and try to dodge or block their hits.
  • Time your dodges well – dodge too early and they’ll have time to redirect their slap. Dodge too late and you’ll get hit.
  • Block incoming slaps by quickly raising both hands. But be careful, blocks reduce your own slap power, leaving you vulnerable.

Mix up your moves

Don’t become predictable. Switch between left-handed slaps, right-handed slaps, blocks, and dodges to keep your opponent guessing. Some combinations to try:

  1. Right slap + dodge + left slap
  2. Block + left slap + block + right slap
  3. Dodge + dodge + powerful left slap

Mixing up your strategies and reactions is key to overcoming the increasingly difficult opponents. Stay light on your feet, keep slapping and dodging, and victory will be yours! With practice, you’ll be a drunken slap wars master in no time.

Drunken Slap Wars: 1 vs 2 Player Mode

Drunken Slap Wars can be played solo or with a friend for double the fun. In 1 player mode, you go head-to-head against a series of computer opponents. Start with the easy levels to get the hang of the controls and timing before moving on to harder opponents that will really make you work for your victory!

Solo Play

When playing alone, focus on precision and speed. The slap power bar at the bottom of the screen will move faster with each round, so you need to react quickly to land your slaps in the green zone for maximum damage. Watch out for your opponent’s incoming slaps and dodge or block them when you can. Defeating higher level opponents on your own is challenging but rewarding!

Two-Player Action

a friend, whether side by side or online, makes for lots of laughs and trash talking. Since you know each other’s play styles, you can employ defensive strategies to avoid getting hit while also trying to land surprise attacks. The power bar and opponent difficulty increases with each round in 2 player mode as well, so team up with someone equally competitive for the most engaging matches.

  • Choose between 1 vs 1 matches or team up for 2 vs 2.
  • Adjust the number of rounds in a match from 3 to 5 to 7 for quick games or longer battles.
  • Pick your character from a variety of hilarious characters like Disco Dude or Karate Kid.
  • Unlock new characters and arenas as you win more matches.

Drunken Slap Wars’ simple yet challenging gameplay is perfect for gamers of all skill levels. Whether you prefer solo practice, online matchups or couch co-op with friends, this fun and outrageous fighting game is sure to keep you entertained. Let the drunken slap fights begin!


Alright, you drunken slap warriors, time to wrap this up. You’ve had your fill of slapping opponents silly in this hilarious stickman battle. Your hand is probably getting sore from all those perfectly-timed slaps, but the thrill of victory with each round completed is totally worth it. Now you can sit back, maybe enjoy an actual drink, and relive all the sloppy slap fight glory. Whether you played solo or tag-teamed with a friend, Drunken Slap Wars gave you a fun (if ridiculous) way to waste some time and fill your competitive side. Until next time your drunken slap urges arise, game over – you win! Now go ice that hand, champ.

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