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Knight Valiant: Mastering the Quest to Save the Princess


Hey there, gallant gamer, ready to embark on an epic quest to save the princess? In Knight Valiant, you play as a brave knight on a mission to collect coins, defeat enemies, and make your way through treacherous lands to rescue the imprisoned princess.This old-school arcade game will test your valor and skill as you navigate dangerous terrain, battle sneaky foes, and search every corner for gold coins and power-ups.Only the most chivalrous champion, quick with sword and shield, cunning in combat, and persevering against all odds will complete the journey, gather the ransom, and win the fair maiden’s hand. So mount your steed, draw your blade, and charge headlong into adventure – your princess awaits! Victory and glory can be yours if you prove yourself a true Knight Valiant.

The Legend of Knight Valiant

The legend of Knight Valiant begins in the Kingdom of Azantria, once a peaceful land now terrorized by the evil dragon Zolthax. According to prophecy, only a valiant knight can save the kingdom by rescuing the fair Princess Serena, trapped in Zolthax’s lair.

As the brave Knight Valiant, it’s up to you to gear up, master your skills, and embark on the quest of a lifetime. You’ll need to collect gold coins along the way to buy armor, weapons, and other supplies for your journey. The road ahead is long, filled with traps, puzzles, and peril at every turn. But don’t lose heart! With courage, wit, and a little luck, you just might outsmart Zolthax and free the princess.

To begin your quest, explore the forest for clues and coins. Beware of enemies like goblins, trolls and bandits – they’ll try to stop you at every move! Once you’ve collected enough gold, visit the village blacksmith to upgrade your armor and sword. A sturdier shield and sharper blade will help in the battles to come.

When you’re ready, head into the Dark Forest and make your way to Zolthax’s mountain lair. The dragon guards his hoard of treasure and the princess day and night, so you must sneak past traps and guards to reach the inner sanctum. Outmaneuver Zolthax, rescue the princess, and the kingdom will rejoice as you claim your place as a hero!

The challenges are many, but if anyone can save Princess Serena and defeat the evil Zolthax, it’s you, brave Knight Valiant! Now go forth – destiny calls, and all of Azantria is counting on you! Adventure awaits!

How to Play Knight Valiant

To save the princess in Knight Valiant, you’ll need to master some essential skills. This retro arcade game is all about collecting coins while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

  • Use the keyboard arrows to move left and right, and the action button to jump. Time your jumps carefully to land on platforms and collect coins.
  • Watch out for the critters crawling and jumping around each level. Bump into them and you’ll lose health. Get hit too many times and it’s game over.
  • Some enemies can be stomped on for extra points, so try jumping on their heads when possible. But be careful – not all enemies can be stomped!
  • Collect power-ups like invincibility stars, shields and potions to gain advantages. The shield will protect you from enemies, while potions restore health.
  • There are secret areas in each level containing bonus coins, so explore carefully! Look for hidden doors and passages.
  • Make it to the end of each level while avoiding traps like spikes and pitfalls. Defeat the boss and you’ll move on to the next stage.
  • Save your game progress so you can pick up where you left off. With practice, you’ll get better at collecting coins and stomping foes.

Stay light on your feet, keep your eyes open for opportunities and dangers, and don’t give up! With skill and determination, you’ll defeat the final boss, collect all the coins, and win the hand of the princess. Now go forth, brave knight – your quest awaits!

Collecting coins

To save the princess and win her hand in marriage, you must collect all the coins scattered throughout each level. Coins are the game’s currency, and you’ll need to gather enough to pass through the locked door at the end of each level.

As you explore the kingdom, keep an eye out for the telltale glint of gold coins along your path. Run, jump, and climb over obstacles to collect each coin. Some coins may be in plain sight, while others are hidden in secret areas or locked behind puzzles you’ll need to solve. Search every nook and cranny – no coin left behind!

Each level contains 100 coins, so make sure you’ve gathered them all before moving on. A counter at the top of the screen keeps track of how many coins you’ve collected so far. If you’re stuck at 99 coins and can’t find the last one, retrace your steps and double check any areas you may have missed. The levels get larger and more complex as you progress, so take your time and be thorough.

Some tips to help you collect all the coins:

  • Climb and jump on platforms, ropes, and ladders to reach high up or far-away coins.
  • Push blocks and other obstacles out of the way to reveal hidden coins.
  • Solve puzzles like mazes, matching games or riddles to unlock doors blocking coins.
  • Defeat enemies along the path by jumping on their heads or throwing objects at them. Some enemies may be guarding coins.
  • Break open crates, barrels, and other containers – there may be coins inside!
  • Collect gems and keys to open locked doors barring your access to more coins.

With diligence and clever problem-solving, you’ll collect every last coin in each level and save your princess! Keep at it, brave knight – your quest is almost complete!

Completing All Levels and Rescuing the Princess

Leveling Up Your Knight

As you progress through the levels, your knight will gain valuable experience points allowing him to level up. Each time your knight levels up, his health, strength, and speed will increase. This will make it easier to defeat enemies and complete levels. Focus on collecting as many coins as possible in each level to maximize your experience points.

Upgrading Your Armor and Weapons

The gold coins you collect can also be used to purchase upgraded armor and weapons for your knight in the in-game shop. Better equipment will make your knight more powerful, durable, and adept at fighting. Save up your gold coins to buy the best gear available at your current level. This will aid you in battling enemies and progressing to higher levels.

Completing Quests

In addition to the main levels, Knight Valiant also features side quests you can complete to earn extra gold coins and experience points. Accept any side quests available and complete the objectives to reap the rewards, then return to the main campaign. Side quests provide an opportunity to strengthen your knight in between the more challenging levels.

Rescuing the Princess

Once you have completed all 100 levels, defeated the evil sorcerer, and unlocked the door to the tower, you can finally rescue the princess. A cutscene will play showing your knight defeating the sorcerer once and for all, then sweeping the princess off her feet. Congratulations, you have mastered the quest and completed the game! You can now start over on a higher difficulty for a new challenge.

To summarize, focus on leveling up your knight, upgrading his equipment, completing all side quests, and defeating enemies to work your way through the levels. With practice and persistence, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a valiant knight and rescuing the princess!


And there you have it, your quest to save the princess is complete. You battled monsters, solved puzzles, and collected all the gold coins needed for her hand in marriage. Not too shabby for an afternoon’s work! This arcade classic really takes you back to a simpler time of knights, dragons and rescuing damsels in distress. While the graphics are primitive by today’s standards, the gameplay holds up and still provides an enjoyable challenge. If you’re looking for an nostalgic gaming experience that the whole family can enjoy, you really can’t go wrong with Knight Valiant. So grab your joystick, mount your steed and get ready to ride off into the sunset with your pixelated princess. Game over!

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